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God Will Protect Jerusalem

20 Look at ·Jerusalem [L Zion], the city of our festivals.
    ·Look at [L Your eyes will see] Jerusalem, that ·beautiful place of rest [quiet dwelling].
It is like a tent that will never be moved;
    ·the pegs that hold her in place [L its stakes] will never be pulled up,
    and her ropes will never be broken.
21 There the Lord will be our Mighty One.
    That land is a place with streams and wide rivers,
·but there will be no enemy boats on those rivers [L no galley with oars will go];
    no ·powerful [majestic] ship will sail on them.
22 This is because the Lord is our judge.
    The Lord ·makes our laws [is our lawgiver].
The Lord is our king.
    He will ·save [rescue; T deliver] us.

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