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He that is unwise shall no more be called prince, and a guileful man shall not be called the greater. (He who is unwise shall no more be called a leader, and the deceitful shall no more be called great, or honourable.)

Forsooth a fool shall speak folly things, and his heart shall do wickedness, that he perform feigning, and speak to the Lord guilefully (so that he act falsely, and speak deceitfully, even to the Lord); and he shall make void the soul of an hungry man, and shall take away drink from a thirsty man.

The vessels of a guileful man be worst; for he shall make ready thoughts to lose mild men in the word of a lie, (even) when a poor man spake doom. (The ways of the deceitful be the worst, or evil; they have thoughts to destroy the meek, or the humble, with lies, even when the poor speak justly, or rightly.)

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