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The fool[a] will no longer be called Your Honor,
    nor the scoundrel[b] highly respected,
for the fool is recognized by his foolish words.
    Their minds plot treachery, they excel in ungodliness,
    and they say misleading things about Yahweh.
    They refuse to feed the hungry or give drink to the thirsty.
The deceiver’s schemes[c] and plans are evil.
    He schemes of cheating the poor,
    even when their plea is just.

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  1. Isaiah 32:5 The Hebrew word for “fool,” nabal, is one of the strongest negative terms used in the Old Testament to describe a person who is “worthless” or “godless.” See 1 Sam. 25:25.
  2. Isaiah 32:5 Or “miserly (one who withholds, stingy, covetous).”
  3. Isaiah 32:7 Or “weapons.”

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