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Fools will not be called ·great [noble; honorable],
    and people will not respect the ·wicked [scoundrel; deceiver].
A fool says foolish things,
    and in his ·mind [heart] he ·plans evil [or commits sin].
A fool ·does things that are wicked [practices ungodliness],
    and he ·says wrong things [spreads error] about the Lord.
A fool does not feed the hungry
    or let thirsty people drink water.
The ·wicked person [scoundrel] uses evil ·like a tool [or schemes; methods].
    He plans ·ways [wicked schemes] to take everything from the poor.
He destroys the poor with lies,
    even when the ·poor person [needy] ·is in the right [L speak justice].

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