The earth [a]also deceiveth, because of the inhabitants thereof: for they transgressed the laws: they changed the ordinances, and brake the everlasting Covenant.

Therefore hath the [b]curse devoured the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are desolate. Wherefore the inhabitants of the land are [c]burned up, and few men are left.

The wine faileth, the vine hath no might: all that were of merry heart, do mourn.

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  1. Isaiah 24:5 That is, rendereth not her fruit for the sin of the people, whom the earth deceived of their nourishment, because they deceived God of his honor.
  2. Isaiah 24:6 Written in the Law, as Lev. 26:14; Deut. 28:16, thus the Prophets used to apply particularly the menaces and promises, which are general in the Law.
  3. Isaiah 24:6 With heat and drought, or else that they were consumed with the fire of God’s wrath.

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