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The people of the earth have ·ruined [defiled] it,
    because they ·do not follow [have violated/transgressed] ·God’s teachings [the laws/instruction; L Torah]
or obey ·God’s laws [statutes; regulations]
    or keep ·their agreement with God that was to last forever [the eternal covenant/treaty].
So a curse [Deut. 28] will ·destroy [consume; devour] the earth.
    The people of the world ·are guilty [must pay for their guilt],
so ·they [L the earth’s inhabitants] will be burned up;
    only a few will be left.
The new wine ·will be bad [dries up; or mourns], and the grapevines will ·die [wither; or languish].
    ·People who were happy [Revelers; Merrymakers] will ·be sad [groan; sigh].

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