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14 The people raise their voices and shout for joy.
    From the ·west [L sea] they ·praise the greatness [shout/cry out for the majesty] of the Lord.
15 [L Therefore] People in the ·east [or morning light; dawn], ·praise [extol; give glory to] the Lord.
    People in the ·islands [or coastlands] of the sea,
    ·praise [extol; give glory to] the name of the Lord, the God of Israel.
16 We hear songs from ·every part [the ends/edge] of the earth
    ·praising God, [or “Glory to…”] the Righteous One.

But I said, “I am ·dying [wasting away]! I am ·dying [wasting away]!
    ·How terrible it will be for [Woe to] me!
·Traitors turn against people [L Betrayers betray; 21:2];
    ·with their dishonesty, they turn against people [L Betrayers betray with betrayal].”

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