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20 but[a] if you refuse and rebel,
    you’ll be devoured by the sword,[b]
        because the Lord[c] has spoken.”

Diagnosis and Judgment

21 “How the faithful city
    has become a whore,
        she who used to be filled with justice!
Righteousness used to reside within her,
    but now only murderers live there.
22 Your silver has[d] become dross,
    your best wine is diluted with water.

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  1. Isaiah 1:20 So 1QIsaa LXX Targ Syr; 4QIsaf lacks but
  2. Isaiah 1:20 So 1QIsaa Targ Syr; LXX reads the sword will devour you
  3. Isaiah 1:20 Lit. Lord’s mouth
  4. Isaiah 1:22 So MT; 1QIsaa reads have

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