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And he will not have regard for the [idolatrous] altars, the work of his hands,
Nor will he look to that which his fingers have made,
Neither the Asherim (symbols of the goddess Asherah) nor the incense altars.

In that day the strong cities of Aram and Israel will be like [a]deserted places in the forest,
Or like branches which they abandoned before the children of Israel;
And the land will be a desolation.
Because you [Judah] have forgotten the God of your salvation
And have not remembered the Rock of your Stronghold—
Therefore you plant [b]lovely plants
And set the grounds with vine slips of a strange god,

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  1. Isaiah 17:9 Greek reads, the deserted places of the Amorites and Hivites, which they abandoned.
  2. Isaiah 17:10 Or gardens of Adonis, a mythological god.

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