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From one end of the land to the other, Moab is weeping;
    her wailing reaches to Eglaim[a] and Beer-Elim.[b]
For the waters of Dimon[c] are full of blood,
    but I have something even worse in store for them:
    lions[d] for the fugitives of Moab
    and upon the remnant of the land![e]

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  1. Isaiah 15:8 Eglaim means “double reservoir.”
  2. Isaiah 15:8 Beer-Elim means the “well of God” or “the well of the mighty ones.”
  3. Isaiah 15:9 Some manuscripts have “Dibon.” Dimon means “consumed.”
  4. Isaiah 15:9 Or “Arabians” (LXX).
  5. Isaiah 15:9 Or “the remnant of Admah” (LXX).

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