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Jesus Is a Better Priest Because His Priesthood Is Based On God’s Oath

20 And[a] to the degree that it was not without an oath-swearing (for the ones have become[b] priests without an oath-swearing, 21 but the One with an oath-swearing, through the One saying to Him [in Ps 110:4]: “The Lord swore and He will not change-His-mind, You are a priest forever”)— 22 to that degree also Jesus has become the guarantee[c] of a better covenant.

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  1. Hebrews 7:20 Now an inference is drawn from ‘swore’ in Ps 110.
  2. Hebrews 7:20 The grammar implies have become and continue to be.
  3. Hebrews 7:22 Or, pledge, security.

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