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For gar if ei the ho message logos spoken laleō through dia angels angelos became ginomai firmly established bebaios and kai every pas transgression parabasis and kai disobedience parakoē received lambanō a just endikos penalty misthapodosia, how pōs will we hēmeis escape ekpheugō if we neglect ameleō such a great tēlikoutos salvation sōtēria? Which hostis at first archē was declared lambanō by dia the ho Lord kyrios, and it was attested bebaioō to eis us hēmeis by hypo those ho who heard akouō, while God theos supported their testimony synepimartyreō · ho by signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras and kai various poikilos miracles dynamis, and kai by gifts of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma distributed merismos according to kata · ho his autos will thelēsis.

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