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The tents of Cushan trembled,
    the pavilions of the land of Midian.[a]
Was your anger against the rivers, O Lord?
    your wrath against the rivers,
    your rage against the sea,[b](A)
That you mounted your steeds,
    your victorious chariot?
You readied your bow,
    you filled your bowstring with arrows.

You split the earth with rivers;

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  1. 3:7 Cushan…Midian: the inhabitants of the area southeast of Judah where the divine march originates (Teman, Mount Paran), who are shaken, together with the cosmos, at God’s appearance.
  2. 3:8 Rivers…sea: the forces of chaos personified as yam (Sea) and nahar (River) try to destroy the order God imposed at creation by sweeping past their boundaries and covering the earth. Their mention here and in v. 15 emphasizes that God is both creator and deliverer, subduing historical enemies and cosmic forces.

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