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The Burials of Jacob and Joseph

50 Then Joseph hugged his father’s face.[a] He wept over him and kissed him. Joseph instructed the physicians in his service[b] to embalm his father, so the physicians embalmed Israel. They took forty days, for that is the full time needed for embalming.[c] The Egyptians mourned for[d] him seventy days.[e]

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  1. Genesis 50:1 tn Heb “fell on.” The expression describes Joseph’s unrestrained sorrow over Jacob’s death; he probably threw himself across the body and embraced his father.
  2. Genesis 50:2 tn Heb “his servants the physicians.”
  3. Genesis 50:3 tn Heb “and forty days were fulfilled for him, for thus are fulfilled the days of embalming.”
  4. Genesis 50:3 tn Heb “wept for.”
  5. Genesis 50:3 sn Seventy days. This probably refers to a time of national mourning.

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