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One of the Brothers: 28 Someone put my money back into the sack! Here it is, right on top!

When they heard this, their hearts sank. They looked at one another and trembled.

The brothers of Joseph are in the dark. What does this mean? Is this some sort of trick? Has someone planted the money there only to later claim it or the grain has been stolen? Are the Egyptians even now bearing down on them? Is this part of the test? Should they go back and tell the gruff Egyptian governor what has happened? And if they do, will he believe them? What happens to Simeon? They have a thousand thoughts, but their most profound thought occurs next.

Joseph’s Brothers (nervously to each other): What is God doing to us?

29 When they finally arrived in the land of Canaan at their father Jacob’s house, they told him everything that had happened.

Joseph’s Brothers: 30 The man, the lord of the land, was very tough with us and accused us of spying on Egypt.

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