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The Nephilim[a] were on the earth at that time[b] (and also immediately afterward), when those divine beings[c] were having sexual relations with[d] those human women,[e] who gave birth to children for them. These children[f] became the heroes and legendary figures of ancient times.[g]

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  1. Genesis 6:4 MT reads The Fallen Ones; LXX and Aram. read Giants; cf. Num 13:33
  2. Genesis 6:4 Lit. earth in those days
  3. Genesis 6:4 Or after, the sons of God
  4. Genesis 6:4 Lit. beings went in to
  5. Genesis 6:4 Lit. with Adam’s daughters
  6. Genesis 6:4 The Heb. lacks children
  7. Genesis 6:4 Lit. heroes of ancient times, men of renown

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