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27 Your wealth, your goods, your wares,
    your sailors, your crew,
The caulkers of your seams,
    those who traded for your goods,
All the warriors with you,
    the whole crowd with you
Sank into the heart of the sea
    on the day of your downfall.(A)
28 At the sound of your sailors’ shouts
    the waves shudder,(B)
29 Down from their ships
    come all who ply the oars;
Sailors, all the seafaring crew,
    stand on the shore.
30 They raise their voices over you
    and shout their bitter cries;
They pour dust on their heads
    and cover themselves with ashes.
31 For you they shave their heads bald
    and put on sackcloth;
For you they weep bitterly,
    in anguished lament.(C)
32 They raise a lament for you;
    they wail over you:
“Who was ever destroyed like Tyre
    in the midst of the sea?”(D)

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