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22 They came, men and women alike,[a] all who had willing hearts. They brought brooches, earrings, rings and ornaments, all kinds of gold jewelry,[b] and everyone came who waved[c] a wave offering of gold to the Lord.

23 Everyone who had[d] blue, purple, or[e] scarlet yarn, fine linen, goats’ hair, ram skins dyed red, or fine leather[f] brought them.[g] 24 Everyone making an offering of silver or bronze brought it as[h] an offering to the Lord, and everyone who had acacia wood[i] for any work of the service brought it.[j]

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  1. Exodus 35:22 tn The expression in Hebrew is “men on/after the women,” meaning men with women, to ensure that it was clear that the preceding verse did not mean only men. B. Jacob takes it further, saying that the men came after the women because the latter had taken the initiative (Exodus, 1017).
  2. Exodus 35:22 tn Heb “all gold utensils.”
  3. Exodus 35:22 tn The verb could be translated “offered,” but it is cognate with the following noun that is the wave offering. This sentence underscores the freewill nature of the offerings people made. The word “came” is supplied from v. 21 and v. 22.
  4. Exodus 35:23 tn The text uses a relative clause with a resumptive pronoun for this: “who was found with him,” meaning “with whom was found.”
  5. Exodus 35:23 tn The conjunction in this verse is translated “or” because the sentence does not intend to say that each person had all these things. They brought what they had.
  6. Exodus 35:23 tn See the note on this phrase in Exod 25:5.
  7. Exodus 35:23 tn Here “them” has been supplied.
  8. Exodus 35:24 tn This translation takes “offering” as an adverbial accusative explaining the form or purpose of their bringing things. It could also be treated as the direct object, but that would seem unnecessarily repetitive.
  9. Exodus 35:24 sn U. Cassuto notes that the expression “with whom was found” does not rule out the idea that these folks went out and cut down acacia trees (Exodus, 458). It is unlikely that they had much wood in their tents.
  10. Exodus 35:24 tn Here “it” has been supplied.

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