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12 the elder men of that city shall send (for), and take him from the place of refuge; and they shall betake him into the hand of the next kinsman of him, whose blood is shed out, and he shall die, (the elders of that city shall send for him, and shall bring him back from the place of refuge; and they shall deliver him into the hands of the next of kin of him whose blood was shed out, and he shall die/and he shall be put to death,)

13 and thou shalt not have mercy upon him; and thou shalt do away guilty blood from Israel, that it be well to thee. (and thou shalt not give him any mercy; and so thou shalt do away from Israel the guilt for innocent blood, so that it be well with thee.)

14 Thou shalt not take, and turn over, the terms of thy neighbour, which the former men set in thy possession, which thy Lord God shall give to thee in the land, which land thou shalt take to be wielded. (Thou shalt not take away, or turn over, thy neighbour’s boundary stones, which the people in former times put there in thy possession, which the Lord thy God shall give thee, in the land which thou shalt take for thyselves.)

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