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He chose three men as ·supervisors [presidents; heads] over those ·governors [L satraps], and Daniel was one of the ·supervisors [presidents; heads]. The ·supervisors [presidents; heads] were to ensure that the ·governors did not try to cheat the king [L king would not be troubled/disturbed]. Daniel ·showed that he could do the work better than [distinguished himself above] the other ·supervisors [presidents; heads] and ·governors [L satraps] because an ·excellent [extraordinary] spirit was in him, so the king planned to put Daniel in charge of the whole kingdom. Because of this, the other ·supervisors [presidents; heads] and ·governors [L satraps] tried to find reasons to accuse Daniel ·about his work in the government [L in regard to the kingdom]. But they could not find anything ·wrong with him or any reason to accuse him [in regard to complaint or corruption], because he was trustworthy and not lazy or ·dishonest [corrupt].

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