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Then his face changed and his thoughts terrified him, and his hip joints gave way[a] and his knees knocked together.[b] The king cried aloud[c] to bring in the conjurers,[d] the astrologers[e] and the diviners; the king spoke[f] and said to the wise men of Babylon, “Any man that can read this writing and can tell me its explanation will be clothed in purple and will have a necklace of gold hung around his neck and he will rule as third in authority in the kingdom.” Then all the wise men of the king came in, but they were not able to read the writing or to make known its explanation.[g]

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  1. Daniel 5:6 Literally “the limbs of his hip became loose”
  2. Daniel 5:6 Literally “his knees this to this they knocked together”
  3. Daniel 5:7 Literally “with strength”
  4. Daniel 5:7 Or “enchanters”
  5. Daniel 5:7 Literally “Chaldeans”
  6. Daniel 5:7 Literally “answered”
  7. Daniel 5:8 Aramaic “the explanation/ interpretation”

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