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Burn a thank offering of bread made with yeast![a]
Make a public display of your voluntary offerings![b]
For you love to do this, you Israelites.”
The Sovereign Lord is speaking.
“But surely I gave[c] you no food to eat in all your cities;

you lacked food everywhere you lived.[d]
Still you did not come back to me.”
The Lord is speaking
“I withheld rain from you three months before the harvest.[e]

I gave rain to one city, but not to another.
One field[f] would get rain, but the field that received no rain dried up.

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  1. Amos 4:5 sn For the background of the thank offering of bread made with yeast, see Lev 7:13.
  2. Amos 4:5 tn Heb “proclaim voluntary offerings, announce.”
  3. Amos 4:6 tn The Hebrew construction is emphatic (pronoun + verb). It underscores the stark contrast between the judgments that the Lord had been sending and the God of blessing Israel was celebrating in its worship (4:4-5).
  4. Amos 4:6 tn Heb “But I gave to you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and lack of food in all your places.” The phrase “cleanness of teeth” is a vivid way of picturing the famine Israel experienced.
  5. Amos 4:7 sn Rain…three months before the harvest refers to the rains of late March-early April.
  6. Amos 4:7 tn Heb “portion”; cf. KJV, ASV “piece,” NASB “part.” The same word occurs a second time later in this verse.

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