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While you’re at it,[a] present a thank offering with leaven,
    and publicize your freewill offerings,
letting everyone hear about it,
    because this is what you really love to do, you Israelis,”
        declares the Lord God.

Israel’s Refusal to Return to God

“I also have scheduled[b] food shortages[c] for you in all of your cities,
    and lack of bread in all of your settlements,
but you haven’t returned to me,”
    declares the Lord.

“I therefore have withheld the rain from you
    three months before the harvest,
causing rain to come upon one city,
    but not upon another,
and upon one field
    but not upon another,
        so that it would wither.

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  1. Amos 4:5 Lit. And
  2. Amos 4:6 Lit. appointed
  3. Amos 4:6 Lit. appointed clean teeth

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