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The People of Philistia

This is what the Lord says:

“For ·the many [L three, even four; v. 3] ·crimes [sins; transgressions] of Gaza,
    I will ·punish them [L not turn back/grant a reprieve].
They sold ·all the people of one area [whole communities]
    ·as slaves [into captivity] to Edom.
So I will send a fire on the walls of Gaza
    that will ·destroy [devour; consume] the city’s ·strong buildings [fortresses; palaces].
I will destroy the ·king [or inhabitants; L the one who sits; v. 5] of the city of Ashdod,
    as well as the ·leader [L one who holds the scepter] of Ashkelon.
Then I will turn [L my hand] against ·the people of the city of Ekron [L Ekron],
    and the ·last [rest; remnant] of the Philistines will ·die [perish],” says the Lord God.

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