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He said, “The Lord makes a loud noise from Zion. He lets His voice be heard from Jerusalem. And the shepherds’ fields are filled with sorrow, and the top of Carmel dries up.”

God Judges Israel’s Neighbors—Syria

The Lord says, “For three sins of Damascus and for four, I will not hold back punishment. They have crushed Gilead with tools of sharp iron. So I will send fire upon the people of Hazael, and it will destroy the strong-places of Ben-hadad.

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He said:

“The Lord roars(A) from Zion
    and thunders(B) from Jerusalem;(C)
the pastures of the shepherds dry up,
    and the top of Carmel(D) withers.”(E)

Judgment on Israel’s Neighbors

This is what the Lord says:

“For three sins of Damascus,(F)
    even for four, I will not relent.(G)
Because she threshed Gilead
    with sledges having iron teeth,
I will send fire(H) on the house of Hazael(I)
    that will consume the fortresses(J) of Ben-Hadad.(K)

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