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21 And de all pas who ho heard akouō him were astonished existēmi and kai said legō, “ Is eimi not ou this houtos the ho man who in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm was trying to destroy portheō those ho who called epikaleō on · ho this houtos name onoma? And kai has he erchomai not come erchomai here hōde for eis the very houtos purpose of hina bringing agō them autos bound deō before epi the ho chief archiereus priests ?” 22 But de Saul Saulos became more mallon and more capable endynamoō, and kai threw syncheō into confusion the ho Jews Ioudaios who ho lived katoikeō in en Damascus Damaskos by proving symbibazō that hoti this houtos man Jesus is eimi the ho Christ Christos.

23 Now de after hōs some hikanos days hēmera had passed plēroō, the ho Jews Ioudaios plotted symbouleuō together to kill anaireō him autos,

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