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22 So kai Moses Mōysēs was trained paideuō in en all pas the wisdom sophia of the Egyptians Aigyptios and de was eimi powerful dynatos in en his autos words logos and kai deeds ergon.

23  When hōs · de he autos was plēroō about forty tesserakontaetēs years old chronos, it entered anabainō · ho his autos mind kardia to visit episkeptomai · ho his autos brothers adelphos, the ho sons hyios of Israel Israēl. 24 And kai seeing one tis of them being treated unjustly adikeō, he defended amynomai him and kai brought poieō justice ekdikēsis to the ho one being mistreated kataponeō by striking patassō down the ho Egyptian Aigyptios.

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