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But de Peter Petros said legō, · ho Ananias Hananias, why dia tis did Satan Satanas fill plēroō · ho · ho your sy heart kardia to lie pseudomai to the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho and kai to keep nosphizō back for yourself part apo of the ho proceeds timē of the ho field chōrion? While it remained menō unsold, did it menō not ouchi remain menō yours sy? And kai after it was sold pipraskō, was it hyparchō not under en · ho your sos control exousia? Why tis is it that hoti you have contrived tithēmi this houtos affair pragma in en · ho your sy heart kardia? · ho You have not ou lied pseudomai to men anthrōpos but alla to ho God theos!” When Ananias Hananias heard akouō · de · ho · ho these houtos words logos, he fell piptō down and breathed ekpsychō his last . · kai Great megas fear phobos gripped ginomai all pas who ho heard akouō about it.

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