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24 And de after meta five pente days hēmera the ho high archiereus priest Ananias Hananias went down katabainō with meta some tis elders presbyteros and kai a prosecuting rhētōr attorney , one tis Tertullus Tertyllos; and they hostis laid emphanizō before the ho governor hēgemōn their case against kata · ho Paul Paulos. And de when he autos was summoned kaleō, Tertullus Tertyllos began archō to accuse katēgoreō him, · ho saying legō: “ Since we have enjoyed tynchanō a long polys period of peace eirēnē through dia your sy rule, and kai since reforms diorthōma are being made ginomai in ho the houtos nation ethnos by dia · ho your sos foresight pronoia,

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