24 2 Tertullus accuseth Paul: 10 He answereth for himself: 21 He preacheth Christ to the governor and his wife. 26 Felix hopeth, but in vain, to receive a bribe, 27 who going from his office, leaveth Paul in prison.

Now [a]after five days, Ananias the high Priest came down with the Elders, and with Tertullus a certain orator, which appeared before the governor against Paul.

And when he was called forth, Tertullus began to accuse him, saying, Seeing that we have obtained great quietness [b]through thee, and that many [c]worthy things are done unto this nation through thy providence,

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  1. Acts 24:1 Hypocrites, when they cannot do what they would do by force and deceit, at length they go about to compass it by a show of Law.
  2. Acts 24:2 Felix ruled that province with great cruelty and covetousness, and yet Josephus recordeth that he did many worthy things, as that he took Eleazar the captain of certain cutthroats, and put that deceiving wretch the Egyptian to flight, which caused great troubles in Judea.
  3. Acts 24:2 He useth a word which the Stoics defined to be a perfect duty and behavior.

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