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11 The ho · de following epeimi night nyx the ho Lord kyrios stood ephistēmi by him autos and said legō, “ Take tharseō courage , for gar as hōs you have testified diamartyromai to the ho facts about peri me egō in eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, so houtōs must dei you sy also kai testify martyreō in eis Rome Rhōmē.”

12 When it was ginomai · de day hēmera, the ho Jews Ioudaios made poieō a plot systrophē and bound anathematizō themselves heautou by an oath saying legō that they would neither mēte eat esthiō nor mēte drink pinō until heōs hos they had killed apokteinō · ho Paul Paulos. 13 There were eimi · de more polys than forty tesserakonta who ho made poieō this houtos · ho conspiracy synōmosia.

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