And when he had gone through those parts, and had exhorted them with [a]many words, he came into Greece.

[b]And having tarried there three months, because the Jews laid wait for him, as he was about to sail into Syria, he purposed to return through Macedonia.

And there accompanied him into Asia, Sopater of Berea, and of them of Thessalonica, Aristarchus, and Secundus, and Gaius of Derbe, and Timothy, and of them of Asia, Tychicus, and Trophimus.

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  1. Acts 20:2 For after so great trouble there was need of a long exhortation.
  2. Acts 20:3 A froward zeal is the guider and instructor to murders: and we are not debarred by the wisdom of God to prevent the endeavors of wicked men.
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