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After The Uproar, Paul Departs For Jerusalem Through Macedonia And Greece

20 And after the uproar ceased, Paul— having sent for the disciples and having encouraged them, having said-farewell— went forth to proceed[a] to Macedonia. And having gone[b] through those regions, and having encouraged them with much speaking, he came to Greece[c]. And having done three[d] months there, a plot having been made against him by the Jews while he was about to put-to-sea for Syria— he became of a mind that he should be returning through Macedonia[e].

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  1. Acts 20:1 That is, according to his plan in 19:21.
  2. Acts 20:2 On this trip, Paul met Titus (2 Cor 7:5-7) and wrote 2 Corinthians.
  3. Acts 20:2 Specifically, the city of Corinth.
  4. Acts 20:3 During this period in Corinth Paul wrote Romans to prepare his way there according to his plan in 19:21. He may also have written Galatians (see 14:28).
  5. Acts 20:3 That is, by land, up to Philippi.

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