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17 She houtos followed katakoloutheō after · ho Paul Paulos and kai us hēmeis, crying krazō out , saying legō, “ These houtos · ho men anthrōpos are eimi servants of the ho Most High hypsistos God theos, · ho who hostis proclaim katangellō to you hymeis the way hodos of salvation sōtēria.” 18 And de this houtos she kept doing poieō for epi many polys days hēmera. But de Paul Paulos became annoyed diaponeomai, and kai turning epistrephō to the ho spirit pneuma, said legō, “ I charge parangellō you sy in en the name onoma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos to come exerchomai out of apo her autos.” And kai it came exerchomai out that ho very autos hour hōra. 19 When her autos owners kyrios saw · de · ho that hoti their autos hope elpis of ho profit ergasia was gone exerchomai, · ho they seized epilambanomai · ho Paul Paulos and kai · ho Silas Silas and dragged them into eis the ho marketplace agora before epi the ho rulers archōn.

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