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32 And Judas and Silas and they, for they were prophets, comforted brethren, and confirmed [them] with full many words. [Forsooth Judas and Silas and they, when they were prophets, with full much word comforted brethren, and confirmed them.]

33 But after that they had been there a little while, they were let go of brethren with peace [they were dismissed, or left, with peace of brethren], to them that had sent them.

34 But it was seen to Silas, to dwell there; and Judas went alone to Jerusalem.

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32 Judas and Silas,(A) who themselves were prophets,(B) said much to encourage and strengthen the believers. 33 After spending some time there, they were sent off by the believers with the blessing of peace(C) to return to those who had sent them. [34] [a]

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  1. Acts 15:34 Some manuscripts include here But Silas decided to remain there.

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