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19 And having brought-down seven[a] nations in the land of Canaan, He gave them their land as-an-inheritance 20 about[b] in [a total of] four-hundred and fifty years. And after these things He gave them judges until Samuel the prophet. 21 And from there they asked-for a king. And God gave them Saul— the son of Kish, a man from the tribe of Benjamin— for forty years.

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  1. Acts 13:19 See Deut 7:1.
  2. Acts 13:20 That is, about 450 years after they left the land for Egypt. Some manuscripts instead have this phrase in the next sentence, He gave them judges for about 450 years.
Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

Disciples' Literal New Testament: Serving Modern Disciples by More Fully Reflecting the Writing Style of the Ancient Disciples, Copyright © 2011 Michael J. Magill. All Rights Reserved. Published by Reyma Publishing

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