Ziba Helps David

16 When David had gone a little beyond the summit,[a] Ziba, Mephibosheth’s servant,(A) was right there to meet him. He had a pair of saddled donkeys loaded with 200 loaves of bread, 100 clusters of raisins, 100 bunches of summer fruit, and a skin of wine. The king said to Ziba, “Why do you have these?”

Ziba answered, “The donkeys are for the king’s household to ride, the bread and summer fruit are for the young men to eat, and the wine is for those to drink who become exhausted in the desert.”

“Where is your master’s grandson?” the king asked.

“Why, he’s staying in Jerusalem,” Ziba replied to the king, “for he said, ‘Today, the house of Israel will restore my grandfather’s kingdom to me.’”

The king said to Ziba, “All that belongs to Mephibosheth is now yours!”(B)

“I bow before you,” Ziba said. “May you look favorably on me, my lord the king!”

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  1. 2 Samuel 16:1 = Mount of Olives

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