13 “Now I am sending Huram-abi, a skilled man, [a]endowed with understanding, 14 (A)the son of a [b]Danite woman and [c]a Tyrian father, who knows how to work in gold, silver, bronze, iron, stone and wood, and in purple, violet, linen and crimson fabrics, and who knows how to make all kinds of engravings and to [d]execute any design which may be assigned to him, to work with your skilled men and with [e]those of my lord David your father.

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  1. 2 Chronicles 2:13 Lit knowing understanding
  2. 2 Chronicles 2:14 Lit a woman of the daughters of Dan
  3. 2 Chronicles 2:14 Lit whose father is a Tyrian man
  4. 2 Chronicles 2:14 Lit devise any device
  5. 2 Chronicles 2:14 Lit skilled men

11 (A)Huram also made the pails, the shovels and the bowls. So Huram finished doing the work which he performed for King Solomon in the house of God:

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