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always pantote learning manthanō and kai never mēdepote being able dynamai to come erchomai to eis a knowledge epignōsis of the truth alētheia. But de just as hos Jannes Iannēs and kai Jambres Iambrēs opposed anthistēmi Moses Mōysēs, so houtōs also kai these men houtos are opposing anthistēmi the ho truth alētheia, men anthrōpos who have been corrupted kataphtheirō in the ho mind nous, worthless adokimos concerning peri the ho faith pistis. But alla they will not ou progress prokoptō very epi far polys; · ho for gar their autos folly anoia will be eimi very clear ekdēlos to all pas, as hōs also kai was ginomai the ho folly of those ekeinos men .

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