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26 When he would shave his head—at the end of every year he used to shave his head, for it grew too long[a] and he would shave it—he used to weigh the hair of his head at three pounds[b] according to the king’s weight. 27 Absalom had[c] three sons and one daughter, whose name was Tamar. She was a very attractive woman.[d]

28 Absalom lived in Jerusalem for two years without seeing the king’s face.

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  1. 2 Samuel 14:26 tn Heb “for it was heavy upon him.”
  2. 2 Samuel 14:26 tn Heb “two hundred shekels.” The modern equivalent would be about three pounds (1.4 kg).
  3. 2 Samuel 14:27 tn Heb “and there were born.”
  4. 2 Samuel 14:27 tc The LXX adds here the following words: “And she became a wife to Rehoboam the son of Solomon and bore to him Abia.”

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