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10 Now de the one to whom hos you forgive charizomai anything tis, I also kagō do the same; for gar indeed kai, what hos I egō have forgiven charizomai if ei I have forgiven charizomai anything tis—I did so for dia your hymeis benefit in en the presence prosōpon of Christ Christos, 11 lest hina mē we be taken advantage pleonekteō of by hypo · ho Satan Satanas; for gar we are agnoeō not ou unaware of agnoeō his autos · ho intentions noēma.

12 When I came erchomai · de to eis · ho Troas Trōias to eis proclaim the ho gospel euangelion of ho Christ Christos, even kai though anoigō a door thura had been opened anoigō for me egō by en the Lord kyrios,

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