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17 I did pleonekteō not take advantage of pleonekteō you hymeis through dia anyone tis I sent apostellō to pros you hymeis, did I? 18 I urged parakaleō Titus Titos to visit you and kai I sent synapostellō the ho brother adelphos with him. Titus Titos did not mēti take advantage pleonekteō of you hymeis, did he? Did we peripateō not ou conduct ourselves peripateō in the ho same autos spirit pneuma? Did we ichnos not ou behave ichnos in the ho same autos way ?

19 Have you been thinking dokeō all along palai that hoti we are defending ourselves apologeomai to you hymeis? We are speaking laleō before katenanti God theos as those in en Christ Christos; · ho and de all pas that we do, dear friends agapētos, is for hyper · ho your hymeis upbuilding oikodomē.

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