And he began to build in the second month and the second day, in the fourth year of his reign.

And these are the measures whereon Solomon grounded to build the house of God: the length of cubits after the first [a]measure was threescore cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits:

And the porch that was before the length in the front [b]of the breadth was twenty cubits, and the height was an [c]hundred and twenty, and he overlaid it within with pure gold.

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  1. 2 Chronicles 3:3 According to the whole length of the Temple, comprehending the most holy place with the rest.
  2. 2 Chronicles 3:4 It contained as much as did the breadth of the Temple, 1 Kings 6:3.
  3. 2 Chronicles 3:4 From the foundation to the top: for in the book of the kings mention is made from the foundation to the first stage.

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