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Solomon began building in the ·second month [or second day of the second month; C midspring] of the fourth year ·he ruled Israel [of his reign].

Solomon used ·these measurements [or this foundation] for building the ·Temple [L house] of God. It was ·ninety feet [L sixty cubits] long and ·thirty feet [L twenty cubits] wide, using the old ·measurement [standard]. The ·porch [portico; vestibule; entry room] in front of the main ·room [hall] of the ·Temple [L house] was ·thirty feet [L twenty cubits] long and ·thirty feet [L twenty cubits; or L one hundred twenty cubits] high.

He ·covered [overlaid] the ·inside of the porch [main hall; nave] with ·pure [fine] gold.

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