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Don’t be like your ·ancestors [fathers] or your ·relatives [brothers]. They ·turned against [were unfaithful to] the Lord, the God of their ·ancestors [fathers], so he ·caused other people to be disgusted with them. You know this is true […made them an object of horror/derision, as you see]. Don’t be ·stubborn [L stiff-necked] as your ·ancestors [fathers] were, but ·obey the Lord willingly [submit/yield to the Lord]. Come to the ·Temple [sanctuary], which he has ·made holy [consecrated; L set apart] forever. Serve the Lord your God so ·he will not be angry with [his fierce anger will turn away from] you. Come back to the Lord. Then the people who captured your ·relatives [brothers] and ·children [sons] will be ·kind [merciful; compassionate] to them and will let them return to this land. The Lord your God is ·kind [gracious] and ·merciful [compassionate]. He will not turn ·away [L his face] from you if you return to him.

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