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13 Asa’s army chased them as far as the town of Gerar. So many ·Cushites [Ethiopians] were killed that ·the army could not fight again [they could not recover]; they were ·crushed [shattered; destroyed] by the Lord and his army. Asa and his army carried ·many valuable things away from the enemy [off a great amount of plunder]. 14 They destroyed all the towns ·near [around] Gerar, because the ·people living in these towns were afraid of the Lord [L terror/dread of the Lord came upon them]. Since these towns had ·many valuable things [a lot of loot/plunder], Asa’s army ·took them away [looted/plundered/despoiled them]. 15 Asa’s army also attacked the ·camps where the shepherds lived [herdsmen] and took many ·sheep [L flocks] and camels. Then they returned to Jerusalem.

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