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17 [a]So Micaiah said:

“I see all Israel
    scattered on the mountains,
    like sheep without a shepherd,
And the Lord saying,
    These have no master!
    Let each of them go back home in peace.”

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  1. 22:17 Micaiah’s oracle uses the common ancient metaphor of “shepherd” for the king. It means that the Israelite forces will be left leaderless because the king (or perhaps both kings: the word “master” could be singular or plural in Hebrew) will die in battle.

16 Cut off the sower from Babylon
    and those who wield sickles at harvest time!
Before the destroying sword,
    all of them turn back to their own people,
    all flee to their own land.(A)

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“We have tried to heal Babylon,
    but she cannot be healed.
    Leave her, each of us must go to our own land.”
The judgment against her reaches the heavens,
    it touches the clouds.(A)

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