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And when [the] men of Israel had seen, that they were set in straitness, for (this) the people was tormented, (and) they hid themselves in dens (and they hid themselves in caves), and in privy places, and in stones, and in ditches, and in cisterns.

Soothly (some of the) Hebrews passed (over) Jordan, into the land of Gad and of Gilead. And when Saul was yet in Gilgal, all the people was afeared that followed him (And when Saul was still in Gilgal, all the people who followed him were afraid).

And seven days he abode Samuel by [the] covenant, and Samuel came not into Gilgal; and the people went away from Saul. (And for seven days he waited for Samuel, as by their pact, but Samuel did not come to Gilgal; and then the people began to go away from Saul.)

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