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The Israelite army realized that they were outnumbered and were going to lose the battle. Some of the Israelite men hid in caves or in clumps of bushes,[a] and some ran to places where they could hide among large rocks. Others hid in tombs[b] or in deep dry pits. Still others[c] went to Gad and Gilead on the other side of the Jordan River.

Saul stayed at Gilgal. His soldiers were shaking with fear, and they were starting to run off and leave him. Saul waited there seven days, just as Samuel had ordered him to do,[d] but Samuel did not come.

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  1. 13.6 in. . . bushes: Or “in cracks in the rocks.”
  2. 13.6 tombs: The Hebrew word may mean a room cut into solid rock and used as a burial place, or it may mean a cellar.
  3. 13.7 Still others: This translates a Hebrew word which may be used of wandering groups of people who sometimes became outlaws or hired soldiers (see also 14.21).
  4. 13.8 Samuel. . . to do: See 10.8.

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