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They autos are eimi of ek the ho world kosmos; therefore dia houtos they speak laleō from ek the ho world’ s kosmos perspective and kai the ho world kosmos listens to akouō them autos. We hēmeis are eimi from ek · ho God theos. The ho person who knows ginōskō · ho God theos listens akouō to us hēmeis, but whoever hos is eimi not ou from ek · ho God theos does not ou listen akouō to us hēmeis. By ek this houtos we know ginōskō the ho Spirit pneuma of ho truth alētheia and kai the ho spirit pneuma of ho error planē.

Dear friends agapētos, let us love agapaō one another allēlōn, because hoti · ho love agapē is eimi from ek · ho God theos, and kai everyone pas who ho loves agapaō has been born gennaō of ek · ho God theos and kai knows ginōskō · ho God theos.

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